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Welcome to Enjin!

Kronixz_diamondz a posted Jul 18, 12

Welcome to your new website! This post will serve to introduce some of the advanced features and customization options Enjin offers.

Editing your website content quickly.
You can quickly edit anything you see on your website by clicking Site Admin > Quick Edit in the top left area. After clicking "Quick Edit” you will notice "Edit” links appears above each module. Click "Edit” to quickly edit the content and settings.

Adding new content & pages
The Page editor allows you to add or move content, make new pages, change columns and much much more. Click Site Admin > Edit Page Layout" in the top left area of your website to begin.

Recruitment & applications
Create application forms with any type of questions and items by editing your application form module. To set the specific ways you wish to handle user registration go to your admin > settings > user registration. Submitted applications will appear in the "Apps” section located in the top right corner of your website.

Manage users & ranks
Enjin features an in depth access management system. Access to anything is managed via user tags or creation of teams. Click Site Admin > Users to create and assign tags to users.

Characters & teams
First add your game(s) to the games section in Site Admin > Games. You can then manage users and add characters including creating new teams in Site Admin > teams. Enjin will automatically import your character data for supported games.

Changing themes & theme editor
Browse through our stunning selection of themes and headers. You can instantly swap themes in your Site Admin > themes section by clicking "Use” above the theme preview. To create or edit an existing theme, click admin > themes > theme editor.

Hi and welcome to Enjin! Thank you for creating a website here and we hope you enjoy our service. If you need any help to get you started quickly, just click 'Help' in the top left corner.

Please visit our forums for some friendly support. You can also submit a support request anytime.

This module is not available
Due to Google Adsense Policy, HTML & Shoutbox modules are disabled on the Free Plan. Upgrade to enable.